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Dark Flame Master
-Official- Dark Flame Master
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Dark Flame Master (ダーク・フレイム・マスター Dāku Fureimu Masutā, abbreviated as DFM) is Yuuta Togashi's imaginary persona during his mid-schooling period. He is a mage that mastered the ways of handling dark flame.

Character Outline

DFM usually wields a large sword which he wields with his right hand and wears a black coat. His aim is to rule the world and his catchphrase is "Vanish into the embrace of dark flames!". DFM vows to never loosen the "cursed bandage" on his right arm because doing so will unleash the Black Flame Dragon to the world.

With the Wicked Lord Shigan's help, he is able to awaken a stronger version of his dragon, the Dark Flame Dragon.

Appearance and Personality

DFM always wear gothic clothes, ranging from a black belted jacket to dark black belted pants. He has also been seen wearing a long black coat with fur shoulder pads. His weapon of choice is often his large sword but he also has a shotgun at his disposal (assumed to be airsoft since firearms are illegal in Japan)

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