"Dolphin Ring Striker (The Dolphin's... Lovers Contract)"
Episode Information
Kanji 海豚の・・・恋人契約 (ドルフィンリング・ストライカー)
Romaji Iruka no... Koibito Keiyaku (Dorufin Ringu Sutoraikā)
Episode no. 2
Air date January 15, 2014
Theme Songs
Opening song "Voice"
Ending song "Van!shment Th!s World"
Episode Navigation
The Revival of... the Wicked Eye
Magical Devil Girl... In Pursuit
This Episode's Screenshots

"Dolphin Ring Striker (The Dolphin's... Lovers Contract)" is the second episode of the second season of the anime series Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. It was broadcast in Japan on January 15, 2014.


Interested in their relationship now that they are living together, Shinka Nibutani, Sanae Dekomori, and Kumin Tsuyuri keep an eye on Yuuta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi, the latter of which has ended up spending nearly all of her monthly allowance.

After Yuuta reveals they had yet to even get to even hold hands, Shinka takes him to meet her friend Kazari Kannagi, who arranges for Yuuta and Rikka to go on a date. Yuuta decides to take her to the aquarium to see the dolphins, where they start holding hands. As Rikka states her uncertainty over what lovers should do, Yuuta decides that he is fine with their relationship staying the way it is for now.

Later that night, Rikka meets Satone Shichimiya who had moved into Rikka's old apartment.

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