Hideri Amaniji
Name in Japanese 天虹 旱
Romaji Translation Amaniji Hideri
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 3
Appears in Light Novel.
Personal Info
Gender Female
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Hideri Amaniji (天虹(あまにじ) (ひでり) Amaniji Hideri?)  is a new character featured in Volume 3 of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! light novel series. She is an upperclassman of Rikka and Yuuta.


Hideri has orange hair which has a straight cut on the bangs and two side-bangs and the rest left behind, she also has a white ribbon tied on her right side. Her eye color is violet and she is roughly 10 centimeters taller than Rikka.





  • Rikka Takanashi
  • Yuuta Togashi

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