Kumin Tsuyuri
Name in Japanese 五月七日 くみん
Romaji Translation Tsuyuri Kumin
Debut (Anime) Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 02 - Priestess of... the Melody
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Azumi Asakura
Voice Actor (English) Emily Neves
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday October 14
Sign Libra
Blood Type B
Height 154 cm (5'1")
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs)
Title Second Year High Schooler (Anime only)
Status Active

Kumin Tsuyuri (五月七日(つゆり) くみん Tsuyuri Kumin?) is a side character of the Japanese anime, Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!. She is voiced by Azumi Asakura. In the English dub, She is voiced by Emily Neves.

Character Outline

Kumin Tsuyuri is in the second year of high school. She likes napping very much, and considers it her hobby. In her first year, she tried to form a "Nap Club" at her school but failed because no one was interested in joining. Kumin is generally very laid-back and rather naïve, which is probably at least partly because she was home-schooled for many years.


Kumin lives with her family and went overseas for her dad’s work after kindergarten. She was subsequently home-schooled until high school, and due to being overprotected by her family, she is innocent and naïve, with old-fashioned ladylike ethics and behavior. In her second year of high school, she collaborates with Rikka Takanashi's plan to create a club, and managed to form the nap club, albeit in a heavily modified form.

Appearance and Personality

Kumin has dark purple eyes and short black hair. She has very fair skin and a small mole on her right breast. She is very friendly but rather pure and innocent. She loves sleep so much that she brings a pillow with her almost everywhere she goes. After getting along with Rikka and Sanae Dekomori, she tries to understand their delusions and always supports their activities despite her own lack of understanding. After Makoto Isshiki has his head shaved as his self-decided punishment for polling the girls' ratings among the boys in his class, Kumin liked to feel his bald head out of curiosity. She also enjoys scenes where fighting and horror occurs.


  • Rikka Takanashi - Kumin tries to understand what Rikka is saying and doing, even though she is not a chuunibyou herself. She also seems to form a particularly close relationship with Rikka, as she enjoys hanging out with them and did her best to keep the club from being shut down, and a mutual trust is shown as Rikka temporarily "handed down", the power of the Wicked Lord Shingan to her. She finds chuunibyou fascinating and fun. 
  • Yuuta Togashi - Despite Kumin's behavior, Yuuta respects her as an upperclassman.
  • Makoto Isshiki - She is friendly towards Makoto. Being an airhead, Kumin does not notice Makoto's feelings for her. Kumin was sleeping when Makoto confessed his feelings to her at the school festival, and turned him down. Like most of the rest of the cast, Kumin doesn't even recognize him at times due to his sudden appearance changes. 
  • Shinka Nibutani - Kumin understands her despite Shinka's behavior and actions. But her airhead behavior annoys Shinka; though Kumin is an upperclassman, her behavior made Shinka comment that Kumin should behave more like a senior.



  • "Do you nap? Huh? It's nice. A sunny day is perfect weather for napping. I'm Kumin Tsuyuri, nice to meet you!"

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