"Never-ending Eternal Engagement"

Ethereal Horizon

Episode Information
Kanji 終天の契約(エターナル·エンゲージ)
Romaji Shūten no Keiyaku (Etānaru Engēji)
Episode no. 12
Air date December 20, 2012
Theme Songs
Opening song "Sparkling Daydream"
Episode Navigation
One-winged Fallen Angel
Glimmering...Slapstick Christmas
This Episode's Screenshots

"Never-ending Eternal Engagement" is the twelfth episode of the anime series Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. It was broadcast in Japan on December 20, 2012.


As Yuuta worries about having not seen Rikka in a while, Sanae ends up discarding her other persona whilst Kumin starts impersonating Rikka.

Later that night, Yuuta learns that Rikka has moved in with her mother and grandparents. As Yuuta starts to feel guilty, he finds a letter from his past self, prompting him to go after Rikka. Along the way, he encounters Kumin, who relays a message from Rikka about how she had previously met him two years ago, around the time of her father's death, coming to admire his chuunibyou syndrome and start her own. Arriving before Rikka, Yuuta finally accepts both her and his own chuunibyou side, taking her to the 'Ethereal Horizon', giving Rikka the opportunity to properly say goodbye to her father.

Rikka soon resumes her chuunibyou play, despite Yuuta still finding it a little embarrassing.

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