"The Couple's...Exile"
Episode Information
Kanji 二人だけの…逃避行(エグザイル)
Romaji Futari dake no... Tōhikō (Eguzairu)
Episode no. 8
Air date November 22, 2012
Theme Songs
Opening song "Sparkling Daydream"
Episode Navigation
Reminiscence of...Paradise Lost
The Chaos of...a Chaotic Heart
This Episode's Screenshots

"The Couple's...Exile" is the eighth episode of the anime series Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. It was broadcast in Japan on November 22, 2012.


As Tōka tries to force Rikka to accept that both their house and their father are gone, Yuuta tells her that Rikka's delusions are not intended to run away from reality.

Rikka then runs off, forcing Yuuta to search for her, eventually finding her on a train headed back home. On the way, Yuuta explains how he started his delusional behavior. Arriving home, Yuuta discovers Rikka had forgotten her key and his family is out for the night, meaning the two will be alone for the night.

As Yuuta goes to the convenience store with Rikka, Makoto goes on a walk with Kumin and tries asking Yuuta for advice, leading him to contemplate if he's in love with Rikka. As Yuuta tries to put those thoughts behind him and sleep, Rikka appears to be harboring her own feelings for him.

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