"The Revival of... the Wicked Eye"
Episode Information
Kanji 復活の・・・邪王真眼
Romaji Fukkatsu no... Jaō Shingan
Episode no. 1
Air date January 8, 2014
Theme Songs
Opening song "Voice"
Ending song "Van!shment Th!s World"
Episode Navigation
Glimmering...Slapstick Christmas
Dolphin Ring Striker (The Dolphin's... Lovers Contract)
This Episode's Screenshots

"The Revival of... the Wicked Eye" is the first episode of the second season of the anime series Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions. It was broadcast in Japan on January 8, 2014.


As the new school year begins, Rikka Takanashi ends up having to move out of her apartment, since Tōka Takanashi no longer lives there, and is temporarily living alone with Yuuta Togashi whilst they search for a new place.

Meanwhile, Shinka Nibutani, who has dyed her hair black in pursuit of a non-chunibyo second year, continues to be at odds with Sanae Dekomori. Tōka soon catches on about Rikka lacking a new apartment and confronts her and the others, promptly defeating them. Whilst Tōka initially objects to Rikka living along with Yuta, the issue is soon resolved when Kuzuha Togashi returns home for the new school term to supervise them.

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