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  • XSeiko

    Yeah, I'd say this is quite a simple topic. Thinking of your own character from Chuunibyou, explain them and maybe if you want they can have been a "chūnibyō patient" in the past, maybe they still are?

    Name: Kaede Tsyukama

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5' 4

    Weight: 43.3kg

    Hair Colour: Light Brown.

    Eye Colour: Bright green (dark blue in affected eye).

    Likes: Hanging out with friends, playing sports and computer games and visiting the local beach.

    Dislikes: Her past, her discoloured eye and anyone who prompts her of her past or her eye.


    Satou (Father)

    Tsuka (Mother)

    Matako (Younger Brother)

    Diseases or Disorders: Heterochromia iridum. 

    Backstory: Like Rikka, Kaede wears a medical eyepatch across one of her eyes; however, this is not primarily beca…

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  • XSeiko

    Good question, I guess. In a sense I'm asking it so I know when to hang around on the chat or something (though from the general look of things, there's only a few actual members here).

    To answer it myself; I'm normally on any time during the day, primarily at night (GMT). This is due to the higher sense of "freedom" to do what I want during the night.

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  • XSeiko

    This wiki is silent..

    December 28, 2012 by XSeiko

    So to help out, I'm going to stick around and do stuff. To start things off; a simple question.

    Who is your favourite "Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai" (which I'll refer to as simply Chuunibyou) character, and why?

    For me; probably Nibutani. I'd have to say it's probably because of her general attitude and demeanor, both inside school and outside of it. Takanashi is a close favourite, but I find myself preferring Nibutani. I guess that's the best I can use to explain it.

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